It is only a slight exaggeration to say that Love to Hold began because of a poem.  I remember coming across a particular poem by Mary Oliver quite by chance, as one does on a cold February night as another birthday went by and I still hadn’t decided what to do next.  I had managed my way out of running and owning a training business months before Christmas and had been trying to decide what to do next.

It was the last line – “I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world” – that galvanised me into at least attempting to see if I could follow a bit more of a creative path in the remaining decades of my working life!

Much to everyone’s surprise I had already taught myself to knit and sew a little time before.  I remember challenging myself to make every single Christmas present one year despite running a  business which was incredibly time consuming, because I just loved sewing.  I didn’t quite meet the challenge failing with a few male relations I seem to remember.

And so slowly but surely since that February night 2012 Love to Hold has been created and grown.  As well as getting great feedback and a real buzz whenever an order comes in it is wonderful to be doing something which makes my soul sing.

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